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2. Why should I join a guild?
Guild membership is educational, fun, and rewarding for quilters – beginners or experts – for so many reasons, all of them important to your quilting life. (1) Friendships and camaraderie with people who are like minded; (2) programs with speakers and trunk shows; (3) inspiration; (4) classes, learning new techniques; (5) community service. Many quilt shops will offer to discounts to Guild members, a fact they often do not advertise. You have to ask.

3. What do you do at the meetings?
The meeting is divided into 4 parts, beginning at 6:30 p.m., and the sequence varies from month to month. The doors open at 6:30 for a social gathering. Light refreshments are available, and you are encouraged to use this time to get to know your fellow members and view what is going on. Next, at 7:00 p.m., there is a business meeting, then a program, and finally, Show and Tell.
The business meeting is exactly that. A time to discuss and plan the administrative details of running the guild. The program is planned by the Vice President(s), and can be a guest speaker or a member giving a lecture. The meeting usually concludes with members displaying items they have completed recently. This can be the most inspirational part of the meeting.

4. Do I have to know how to quilt to be a member?
No. But your membership will encourage and mentor you at any skill level – from absolute beginner to very skilled. The classes offered are much less expensive than those offered at quilt shops, and taking these classes will improve your skills.

5. Will you teach me to quilt?
Not exactly, but if you participate in the monthly classes, and other guild activities, such as Block of the Month, or charity endeavors, you can’t help but improve your skills. Learning to quilt is ongoing, and a lifelong process. Techniques are constantly changing and being improved upon. Your membership will help you keep up with these new techniques.

6. What is the cost of joining the Club? What is the cost of classes?
The annual membership fee is $20.00. Classes are optional. The cost of classes varies depending on the teacher, length of class and project. The cost can range anywhere from $5.00 (when there is a member teacher) to $35.00 or $40.00 (for a “national” teacher), and sometimes there is an additional fee for the cost of a pattern.

7. Does the guild have a lending library of quilt related books?
Yes, we have 207 items in our library, including 2 DVDs. These contain glorious pictures, history, techniques, patterns, recipes and several out of print books you may not be able to get anywhere else. The current list is on our web site. There is no charge for the library; we ask only that you return them in a timely fashion.

8. What is the open sew day?
Normally, our meeting room is open during the day of the meeting from approximately 9 or 9:30 a.m., but members are welcome to join in at any time that is convenient for them. Several things could be going on. There is likely a class being held. The class would most likely involve a separate fee, and is totally optional. However, this is where the real learning happens.
If a member is not participating in the class, they are welcome to come and spend the day with other guild members doing several things. You are welcome to bring your sewing machine and work on any of your personal projects that you would like.
The Guild actively makes comfort quilts that are donated to various organizations in need. The Guild provides the fabric, you need only do the sewing. In addition, the Guild has an active Quilts of Valor committee, and these quilts can be worked on during this day. This day is a good time to hone skills, get to know your fellow guild members, and often get some free advice from some of our more skilled members.
Usually sewing and/or class is wrapped up by about 4:00 p.m., and members go to dinner together before returning to the meeting room for the evening program.

9. Where is the Guild’s meeting room?
While traveling North on Route 113 in Georgetown, take a left, traveling West, on Route 9. After the traffic signal at Whaley’s Corner, proceed another .96 miles to the University of Delaware farm/agriculture building (you will pass Sussex Tech on the right). The facility is quite old, and not marked as a U of D facility. It is marked by our white feather flag embossed with the word “Quilts”. Take a left into the property and follow the driveway around to the back of the building.