A = Accession- Date Added to Collection

C = Copyright Date

Out of Print


American Patchwork Quilting

            Better Homes and Gardens.                    C. 1985         A.donated 2014

American Quilt Classics

  Cox, Patricia.         C. 2001         A.2010

Amish Quiltmaker                                   

            Havig, Bettina.                    C. 1992         A.donated 2012

Amish Quilts

            Pellman, Rachael T.           C1984                        A. yard sale 2018


            Better Homes and Gardens         C. 1978         A.  yard sale 2018

Applique! Applique! Applique!

            Sinerra, Laurene                 C. 1992        

Applique 12 Borders and MedallionsOut of Print

            Sienkiewicz, Elly.                C. 1994         A.1997

Applique 12 Easy Ways     Out of Print

            Sienkiewicz, Elly.                C. 1991         A.1997

Applique Made Easy, Rhondale’s Successful Quilting Library

            Stoltys, Karen Costello, Editor    C. 1998         A. 2018

Applique with Folded Cutwork

            Shackelford, Anita             C. 1999         A. yard sale 2018

Appliquilt in the Cabin               

            White, Tonee.                     C. 2002         A. donated 2013

Art & Inspirations

            McDowell, Ruth B              C. 1996         A. donated 2016

Art of Classic Quiltmaking

            Hargrave, Harriet and Craig, Sharyn.               C. 2000

At Home with Thimbleberries Quilts

            Jensen, Lynette.      C. 1997         A.2010

Baltimore Album Quilts Out of Print

            Sienkiewicz, Elly     C. 1990         A.1999

Baltimore Basics Out of Print

            Dietrich, Mimi         C. 2006         A.2008

Baltimore Beauties and BeyondOut of Print

            Sienkiewicz, Elly.    C. 1989         A.2008

Baltimore Blocks for Beginners:a Step By Step Guide

            Dietrich, Mimi         C. 2012         A.2012

Baltimore BouquetsOut of Print

            Dietrich, Mimi   C. 1992               A.1992

Bargello Quilts with a Twist

            Ball, Maggie             C. 2008         A.2012

Bed and Breakfast Quilts

            Dietrich, Mimi.        C. 2003         A. donated2014

Best of Baltimore BeautiesOut of Print

            Sienkiewicz, Elly     C. 2000         A.2008


Best of the Best Quilts

            Beck, Leslie.             C. 2002         A. donated2014

Beyond the Blocks

            Martin, Nancy J.                 C. 2002

Borders & Finishing Touches

            Browning, Bonnie K           C. 1998         A. donated 2016

Bouquet of Quilts

            Rounds, Jennifer and Rymer,Cyndy L., Ed.     C. 2002         A.2002

Bright Ideas for Lap Quilting

            Bonesteel, Georgia         C. 1994             A. 2008

Celtic Quilt Designs

            Wiechec, Philomena, adapted by          C. 1980         A. donated 2016

Christmas Traditions Quilt

            Gilbert, Wendy                   C. 1992         A. yard sale 2018

Circle Quilts                                   

            Granger, Colleen.               C.2011          A. donated 2013

Circle of Friends

            Pogue, Mary Beth; Cookie Company               C. 2004         A 2018

Classic American Quilt Collection: Baskets

Green, Mary V and Soltys, Karen C, editors   C. 1994         A. yard sale 2018

Classic American Quilt Collection: Creative Ideas for Color and Fabric

            McKelvey, Susan    C 1996           A. yard sale 2018

Classic American Quilt Collection: Log Cabin

            Green, Mary V., Ed.           C. 1994         A. donated 2014


Classic American Quilt Collection: Wedding Ring

            Soltys, Karen Costello       C. 1993         A. yard sale 2018

Clever Quilts: Making the Most of Panels, Borders and Theme Prints                     

            Dissmore, Susan Teegarden.      C. 2002         A. donated 2013

Color Me Happy      

            McCall’s Quilting Magazine.        C. 2005         A.2008

Colourful Quilts

            Freeman, Lorinda, Ed.                  C. 2001         A. 2016

Cool Girls Quilt

            DeBono, Linda L.                C.2007          A.2009

Community Quilts – How to Organize, Design & Make a Group Quilt

            Kavaya, Karol and Skemp, Vicki             C. 2001         A. yard sale 2018

Country Applique                         

            Nutt,Barbara& Ellery, Susan.     C. 1997         A. donated 2013

Crazy Quilt Odyssey, Adventures in Victorian Needlework

            Montano, Judith.               C. 1991        A. 1992

Create Your Family Quilt                        CD included for pattern printing

            Brackman, Barbara           C. 2001         A. donated 2013

Cut the Scraps

            Ford, Joan.               C. 2011         A. donated 2012 

Decorative Fabric Painting – A Practical Guide to Painting and Dyeing Fabric

            Robinson, Rosi        C. 1994         A. yard sale 2018

Design a Baltimore Album QuiltOut Of Print

            Sienkiewicz, Elly.                C. 1992         A. 1999


Designs In Patchwork

            Logan, Diann           C. 1987         A. yard sale 2018

Diamond Patchwork

            Gutcheon, Jeffrey              C. 1982         A. donated 2016

Diane Phalen Quilts

            Phalen, Diane.         C. 2000         A. donated 2014

Directory of Quilting Techniques

            Rodrigues, Caroline.          C. 2006         A. donated 2014

Do-It-Yourself Framed Quilts

            Perry, Gai.                C. 2001         A. 2008

Easy Applique Samplers  

            Dietrich, Mimi.        C. 2005         A. 2007

Easy Does It Quilts

            Bonesteel, Georgia.           C. 1995         A. 2008

Elly Sienkiewicz's Beloved Baltimore Album Quilts

            Sienkiewicz, Elly.    C. 2010         A. donated 2014

Embroidered Childhood Memories

            Hopkins, Brenna & Koenig, Nori                        C. 2002         A. 2016

Everyone Can Quilt

            Wood, Kaye.            C. 2004         A. 2008

Fabled Flowers

            Sudo, Kumiko.                    C. 1996         A. 1997

Fancy Applique  Out of Print

            Sienkiewicz, Elly.               C. 1999         A. 1999


Fashion Sweatshirts

            Mason, Lorine                     C. 2004         A donated 2018

Fast, Fun and Easy Fabric Bowls

            Johansen, Linda                 C. 2003

Fast, Fun & Fabulous Quilts

            Nelson, Suzanne, Editor   C. 1996         A. yard sale 2018

Fat Quarter Fonts

            Atkinson, Terry                   C. 2009         A. 2018

Fat Quarter Quilts

            Hawley, M’Liss Rae            C. 1999         A. 2016

Fat Quarter Quilts

            Stauffer, Jeanne & Hatch, Sandra.        C. 2002         A. 2008

Favorite Applique Quilts            Out of Print

            Dietrich, Mimi.        C. 2007         A. 2008

Favorite Redwork Designs

            Alderman, Betty.                C. 1999  

Feathered Star Quilts

            McCloskey, Marsha.          C. 1987         A. donated 2014

Fiesta Mexico - Fiesta Mexico Quilt Pattern

            Buckley, Karen Kay.                       C. 2012         A. 2014

Five Minutes Quilts

            McNeill Suzanne                       C.2012           A. 2017

50 Country Quilting Projects

            Brown, Dee Danley           C. 1990         A. yard sale 2018


501 Quilt Blocks - A Treasury of Patterns for Patchwork & Applique

            Better Homes and Gardens         C. 1994         A. yard sale 2018

Flannel Quilts                    

            Bonsib, Sandy.        C. 2001         A. donated 2013

Flowering Favorites

            Goldsmith, Becky and Jenkins, L.           C. 2003         A. 2010

Foundation-Pieced Quilt Labels

            Cansall, Linda                                            C. 2001        A. 2017

Fresh from the Clothesline

            Zimmerman, Darlene        C. 2011         A. 2015

Fresh Quilting

            Dubrawsky, Malka                                    C. 2010         A. 2014

Friendship Triangles

            Sitar, Edyta                          C. 2009         A. 2013

Grandma’s Best Full-Size Quilt Blocks                     

            Better Homes and Gardens.        C. 2002         A. donated 2013

Great American Quilt Revival: Public TV Documentary DVD

            PBS                                         C. 2005

Great American Quilts 1991

            O'Brien, Sandra, ed.          C. 1990         A. donated 2014

Great American Quilts 1994

            Newbill, Carol L.                 C 1994                       A. yard sale 2018

Hand Quilting

            Anderson, Alex.      C. 1998         A. 2008


Hanky-Panky Crazy Quilts

            Brick, Cindy              C. 2002                     A. 2018

Happy Villages: Step into a Fabric Collage Adventure

            Eckmeier, Karen. C. 2007            A. 2011

Heirloom Machine Quilting                 

            Hargrave, Harriet.                                     C. 1990         A. donated 2013

Home Decorating Solutions – Discover Creative, Fun & Affordable Ideas

            Creative Home Arts Library         C. 2002         A. yard sale 2018

House Warming Patchwork

            Saito, Yoko.              Published in US 2013        A. 2014

Impressionist Quilts

            Perry, Gai.    C. 1995         A. 1996

In the Studio with Angela Walters

            Walters, Angela.     C. 2012         A. 2014

Innovative machine Patchwork Piecing

Risinger, Hettie       C. 1984         A. yard sale 2018

It's Ok If You Sit On My Quilt Book

            Hopkins, Mary Ellen.         C. 1989         A. donated 2014

It’s Raining Cats and Dogs                   

            Kime, Janet.                         C. 1998         A. donated 2013

Japanese Quilting piece by piece

            Saito, Yoko.  Published in US 2012        A. 2014

Joy of Quilting

            Hanson, Joan and Hickey, Mary.           C. 1995         A. donated 2014


Judy Martin’s Ultimate Book of Quilt Block Patterns

            Martin, Judy            .                       C. 1988         A. Donated 2013

Kool Kaleidoscope                                    DVD

            Tims, Ricky                           C. 2008         A. 2016

Landscape quilts                          

            Zieman, Nancy & Sewell, Natalie.          C. 2001         A. donated 2013

Lap Quilting

            Bonesteel, Georgia.           C. 1990        

Lap Quilting Lives

            Bonesteel, Georgia.           C. 1999         A. 2008

Learn To Do Hand Quilting In Just One Day

            Daniel, Nancy Brenan.      C. 2009         A. donated 2015

Let’s Do Lunch

            Atkinson Designs.               C. 2008

Like Mother, Like Daughter Two Generations of Quilts

            Witt, Karen and Erin          C. 2010         A. yard sale 2018

Machine Embroidery and More

            Dibbs, Kristen.         C. 2011 

Machine QuiltingMade Easy                           

            Noble, Maurine.                 C. 1994         A. donated 2013

Magic Stack-n-Whack Quilts

            Reynolds, Bethany.            C. 1998        A. 2010

Make Mine Mini

            Carlson, Christine.  C. 2011         A. 2010


Making a Sampler Quilt

            Edwards, Lynne.     C.1996          A. 2010

Making Memories with Fabric, Photo, and Family Keepsakes

            Sindelor, Margaret.           C. 1998   

Miniature Quilts

            Boyles, Margaret                C. 1995         A. 2009        

More Nickel Quilts: 20 New Designs from 5 inch Squares

            Speth, Pat                             C. 2004         A. donated 2016

More Quick Country Quilting

            Mumm, Debbie.                 C. 1994         A. 2010

New Ideas for Lap Quilting

            Bonesteel, Georgia.           C. 1987

Old Favorites in Miniature

            Gravatt, Tina M.     C. 1993         A. 1994

101 Fabulous Rotary – Cut Quilts                  

            Hopkins, Judy & Martin, Nancy J.         C. 1998         A. donated2013

 One Hundred and One Full Size Quilt Blocks

            Better Homes and Gardens.        C. 1998         A. 2010

Organizing Solutions for Every Quilter

            Woods, Carolyn                              C. 2011         A. 2013

Our FavoriteQuiltmakers: Susan McCord

            Brackman, Barbara; Christensen, Shauna & Rowden, Deb   C. 2004   A. 2016

Paper Piecing the Seasons

            Schwartz, Liz & Seifert, Stephen           C. 1998         A. yard sale 2018


Paper Piecing Potpourri

Quilter’s Newsletter and Quiltmaker’s Magazines.              C. 2003A. 2009

Papercuts and Plenty   Out of Print

            Sienkiewicz, Elly.                C. 1995         A. 1996

Patchwork Pantry

            Halferty, Suzette and Porter, Carol.     C. 1996         A. 1998

Patchwork Picnic

            Halferty, Suzette and Porter, Carol.     C. 2001

Patchwork Pictures

            LaBranche, Carol                C. 1985         A. 2016

Patchwork Quilting and Applique

            Dobson, Jenni                     C. 1997         A. 2010

Pieced Hexies a New Tradition in English Paper Piecing

            Depre, Mickey.                   C. 2012         A. 2014

Pieced To Fit, Instant Quilt Borders From Easy Blocks

            Snyder, Sheila Sinclair.     C. 2004

Pink Ribbon Quilts

            Dietrich, Mimi.        C. 1999         A. 2009

Precious Sunbonnet Quilts

            Alderman, Betty     C. 2008         A. 2016

Precision Pieced Quilts: Using the Foundation Method

            Hall, Jane and Haywood, Dixie.              C. 1992         A. donated 2014

Provence Quilts and Cuisine

            Hocard, Marie-Christine and Parnaud, Cosabeth.     C. 2002        A. 2010


Quick & Easy Hexie Quilts

            Rhodes, Dr. Peggy G. and Wood, Julia C.                    C. 2013         A. 2014

Quick and Easy Quilting

            Davis, Jodie and Schiffer, Linda H.         C. 1999        A. 2010

Quick Classic Quilts

            McCloskey, Marsha           C. 1996         A. 2016

Quick Colorful Quilts                              

            Wilkinson, Rosemary.                   C. 2003         A. donated2013

Quick Country Christmas Quilts

            Mumm, Debbie                  C. 1995         A. yard sale 2018

Quick Country Quilts For Every Room

            Mumm, Debbie                  C. 1998         A. yard sale 2018

Quick Cozy Flannel Quilts

            Richards, Rhonda, Editor             C. 1999         A. yard sale 2018

Quick Method Favorite Quilts

            Leisure Arts.             C. 1995         A. donated 2014

Quick-to-Stitch Weekend Quilts & Projects

            Stauffer, Jeanne and Hatch, Sandra, Editors  C. 2001         A. yard sale 2018

Quick Watercolor Quilts

            Pappas, Dina.          C. 1999 

Quilt Block Challenge

            Kerr, Mary.                          C. 2010         A. 2010

Quilt Shack: over 30 Fresh Quilting and Patchwork Projects

            Norum, Rie and Krohg, H. A.      C. 2007         A. donated 2013


Quilt Style                          

            Fazely, Lucy A.        C. 2002         A. donated 2013

Quilted Bags and Totes

            Clason, Denise         C. 2006         A. 2016

Quilted Woodland Décor

            Field, Debbie.          C. 2004         A. 2008

Quilter’s Academy Vol. I – Freshman Year

            Hargrave, Harriet and Hargrave, Carrie    C. 2009               A. 2013

Quilter’s Academy Vol. II – Sophomore Year

            Hargrave, Harriet and Hargrave, Carrie       C. 2010                        A. 2013

Quilter’s Academy Vol. III – Junior Year

            Hargrave, Harriet and Hargrave, Carrie         C. 2011          A. 2013

Quilter’s Academy Vol. IV – Senior Year

            Hargrave, Harriet and Hargrave, Carrie           C. 2012        A. 2013

Quilter's Diary Written In Stitches

            Dietrich, Mimi.                    C. 2008         A. donated 2014

Quilting for Busy Boomers

            Stauffer, Jeanne & Hatch, Sandra L., Ed.        C. 2008         A. 2016

Quilting from the Heartland’s, A Slice of Quilted Spice

            Jorgenson, Sharlene          C. 2000         A. 2014

Quilting Made Easy                                

            Davis, Jodie and Schiffer, Linda H.        C. 1998         A. donated 2013

Quilting Masterclass                  

            Guerrier, Katharine.          C. 2000         A. donated 2013   


Quilting Modern

            Gering, Jacquie and Pedersen, Katie.  C.2012          A. 2014

Quilting Motifs

            Quiltmaker Collection.      C. 2007         A. 2009

Quilting Patterns: 110 Full Size Ready-to-use Designs and Complete Instructions

            Macho, Linda          C. 1984         A. 2016

Quilting the World over

            Soltow, Willow Ann           C. 1991         A. donated 2016

Quilting up a Storm

            Quigley, Lydia.                    C. 1996

Quilting Your Memories

            Bonsib, Sandy.                    C. 1999         A. 2011

Quiltmaker’s Guide to fine Machine Applique

            Menaugh, Karla & Ralston, Cherie        C. 2002         A. 2016

Quiltmaking for Beginners

            Kough, Lynn G.       C. 2000

Quiltmaking Legacy

            Bonesteel, Georgia.           C.2004          A. 2008

Quilts for Babies and Kids

            House of White Birches.   C. 2003                    A. 2008

Quilts for Chocolate Lovers

            Worley, Janet Jones.         C. 2001         A. 2008

Quilts from the Quiltmakers Gift                   

            Line, Joanne Larsen &Tubesing, Nancy L.    C. 2000          A. donated 2013


Quilts from the Smithsonian    Out of Print

            Dietrich, Mimi.         C. 1995        A. 1995

Quilts of Illusion

            Fisher, Laura            C. 1988         A. donated 2016

Ricky Tims’ Convergence Quilts: Mysterious, magical, easy, and fun

            Tims, Ricky               C. 2003         A. donated 2016

Rodale's Successful Quilting Library: Perfect Piecing

            Soltys, Karen Costello, ed.           C. 1997         A. donated 2014

Rotary Magic                    

            Johnson-Srebro, Nancy.              C. 1998         A. donated 2013

Round Robin Quilts

            Magaret, Pat Maixner& Slusser, Donna Ingram      C. 1994         A. 2016

RX for Quilters                              

            Mech, M.D., Susan Delaney.                  C. 2000         A. donated 2013

Schnibbles Times Two: Quilts from 5” or 10” squares

            Nelson, Carrie                     C. 2010         A. donated 2016

Scrap Lap Quilts

            House of White Birches.               C. 2003         A. 2010


            Martin, Judy.                       C. 2006 

7-Day Country Quilts

            Rosen, Fran              C. 1992         A. yard sale 2018       

Sew Crazy with Decorative Threads and Stitches

            Kolb, Alice                C. 2001         A. donated 2016


Signature Quilt

            Cory, Pepper and McKelrey, Susan.     C. 1995  

Simply Amazing Spiral Quilts              +CD ROM

            Merrill, RaNae.        C. 2008         A. 2009

Sip 'N Sew: 20+ Home-Sewn Gifts

            Dhein, Diane.          C. 2008         A. donated 2014

Small Patchwork and Quilting

            Lindey, Leslie.          C. 1993         A. donated2014

Small Wonders     

            Carlson, Elizabeth Hamby.          C. 1999         A. 2010

Soft Edge Piecing

            Beyer, Jinny.            C. 1995         A. 1997

Soldier’s Pride & More                (spiral bound)

            Dever, Karen L.       C. 2010         A. 2013

Super Quick Colorful Quilts                  

            Wilkinson, Rosemary.                   C. 2004         A. donated 2013

Sweet & Simple Country Quilts           

            Dobson, Jenni.        C. 1996         A. donated 2013

The Quilt Maniac’s Playbook/Fuel for the Quilt Imagination

            Chambers, Nicole C.          C. 2001                     A. yard sale 2018

Thimbleberries Guide for Weekend Quilters                      

            Jensen, Lynette.                              C. 1999         A. donated 2013

Thimbleberries Housewarming

            Jensen, Lynette.      C. 2000         A. 2009


Threadplay with Libby Lehman

            Lehman, Libby                    C. 1997         A. donated 2016

365 Foundation Quilt Blocks               

            Causee, Linda.         C. 2005         A. donated 2013

Tips for Quilting                                       

            Staff of Old Country Store.         C. 2013         A. donated 2014

Trapunto by Machine

            Walner, Hari                        C. 1996         A. 2016

Treasury of American Quilts

            Nelson, Cyril I. & Houck, Carter             C. 1982         A. yard sale 2018

Treasury of Applique Quilt Patterns

            Malone, Maggie.                C. 1996 

T-Shirt Quilts Made Easy

            DeLeonardis, Martha.                   C. 2012         A. 2012

Twenty-four Quilted Gems

            Perry, Gai.                C. 2003     

Twister Chasers

            Grihalva, Ruth         C. 2013         A. 2013

U.S. State Quilt Blocks

            Staff of the Workbasket Magazine       C. 1988         A. yard sale 2018

Vibrant Quilt Collage

            Ash, Bethan.            C. 2012         A. 2014

Victory Quilts

            Burns, Eleanor.       C. 2008         A. 2008


Vintage Quilt Revival

            Blakesly, Katie C.; Heinrich, Lee and Jones, Faith.    C.2013           A. 2014

Weekend Scrap Quilting

            Stauffer, Jeanne and Hatch, Sandra L              C. 2004         A. 2008

Wonder-Under book of Easy Applique

            Omar House, publishers              C. 1997         A. yard sale 2018

Yes You Can! Make Stunning Quilts from Simple Pattern

            Martin, Judy.                       C. 1992

You Can Be a Super Quilter!

            Hassel, Carla J.                    C. 1980         A. yard sale 2018